They arrested one of the suspects for having participated in the crime against Gonzalo Refi

    The car of the accused for having participated in the crime of Gonzalo Refi.
The car of the accused for having participated in the crime of Gonzalo Refi.

Early Thursday night staff from the 7th Lanús police station in Buenos Aires police detained one of the suspects in connection with the crime of Gonzalo Refi, assassinated the merchant from La Plata last night in the Gerli area as part of an alleged purchase of equipment for cryptocurrency mines.

Through security camera comparison, obtained the researchers in charge of UFI No. 7 in Quilmes identify a white Citröen DC3 and its patent, with the number 025. They also reached the alleged driver of the same, as confirmed by sources in the file to Infobae.

The suspect is Facundo Nicolás González, a 21-year-old resident of Lanús Oeste, an employee of a metallurgical company. The citrus was found in a garage on 20 de Septiembre street, in an operation in connection with the Lanús-Avellaneda DDI. Shortly after, around noon. 20.00, González appeared with his lawyer in the municipality of Lanús to make himself known. Thus, he was arrested pending investigation.

Gonzalo Refi, the victim.
Gonzalo Refi, the victim.

The episode that ended with Refi’s death was particularly cruel. It happened yesterday afternoon on the street Honduras at 1600. According to initial data from the survey, Refi went to the scene aboard his Audi S3 to report a sale of computer equipment used to extract cryptocurrencies, known as racks. Suddenly, everything took a dramatic turn. The gang of thieves approached him to steal his car, and when they saw that he was accelerating to escape, two shots were fired at him almost on empty territory. Later, they fled without reporting the robbery.

After the call to 911 of the neighbors, members of Lanús 7th police station went to the scene and found out that the 32-year-old man was already dead after violently affecting the three vehicles parked on the same block. Gonzalo’s Audi ended up on the sidewalk with the trunk smashed. When police inspected the car, they observed that the trunk was filled with computer shelves.

Dedicated to his professional education between 2012 and 2015, Refi studied his career as a national auctioneer and public broker at the National University of La Plata. He was part of a family business dedicated to computing.

Refi's Audi eventually.
Refi’s Audi eventually.

Crime is part of a day of insecurity in Greater Buenos Aires. The murder of Lucas Cancino, stabbed in the chest by a cell phone as a 17-year-old, mobilized the Ezpeleta area to protest in the streets to demand security: there are three prisoners for the act, two of them with criminal records.

Rodrigo Becker, Deputy Commissioner for Police in the City of Buenos Aires, was killed by two bullets in the chest after resisting theft of his motorcycle in the city Homemade, in the western suburbs of Buenos Aires.

The killing took place this Tuesday night on Calle Bolivia at 3,000 meters from the intersection with Bartolomé Miter in the neighborhood Villa Pineral in the party of February 3rd. For this fact, Buenos Aires police arrested two suspects.


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