The first Afghan evacuees arrive in Fox Valley

FOX VALLEY – Six families evacuating from Afghanistan have relocated to the Fox Valley area, and many more are expected to arrive in the coming months.

The six families all arrived within the last three weeks, said World Relief Fox Valley Director Tami McLaughlin. The families include a total of 21 people, McLaughlin said, the start of up to 200, which World Relief Fox Valley is poised to welcome to the area. Several families are scheduled to arrive before Thanksgiving.

World Relief Fox Valley, a local subsidiary of the national relocation agency World Relief, is leading the resettlement effort for Afghan evacuees to the Appleton and Oshkosh areas.

By September, World Relief Fox Valley had originally prepared to receive up to 100 Afghan evacuees. After finding that a higher number of people than expected had evacuated Afghanistan and sought refuge, the agency reassessed the capacity of Fox Valley and doubled it to 200 people.

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