Plans for a European Mission in Afghanistan

Several European countries are working to open a joint diplomatic mission in Afghanistan that will allow their ambassadors to return to the country, French President Emmanuel Macron has revealed. Western countries have been struggling with how to engage with the Taliban since taking over Afghanistan in lightning strides in August as US-led forces were nearing … Read more

The United States is aiming to resume regular evacuation flights from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON – The State Department plans to resume regular evacuation flights from Afghanistan before the end of the year to help U.S. citizens, residents and some visa applicants leave the country, said a senior State Department official, an effort that will require coordination with the Taliban and other governments. In addition, Kabul International Airport remains … Read more

The Taliban ban forced marriages of women in Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – The Taliban on Friday decreed a ban on forced marriages of women in the war-torn country, in what appears to be a move to meet criteria that developed nations see as a precondition for recognizing their government and restoring aid. The move announced by Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhunzada came while poverty is … Read more

The United States left Afghanistan filled with dilapidated factories, schools, offices

The Afghan landscape is filled with abandoned and dilapidated power plants, prisons, schools, factories, office buildings and military bases, according to a watchdog agency, the legacy of 20 years of US efforts to fund the establishment of a modern Afghan state that could provide security and basic services to its citizens. A number of U.S. … Read more

Those still left in Afghanistan

The Taliban finally allowed more than 100 Americans, Canadians, Britons, American residents and others to fly out of Afghanistan on Thursday and Friday. The State Department said it expects more departures, but the Biden administration is still not doing enough to save thousands of Afghans who have earned the right to emigrate to the United … Read more

‘Flee’ Review: Animation of an Afghan Refugee Tale – The Wall Street Journal

‘Flee’ review: Animation of an Afghan refugee storyWall Street Journal .

Afghan refugees: Thousands trapped in limbo, waiting to arrive in Canada

TORONTO – As the first charter flight of privately sponsored Afghans arrives in Canada, thousands of other refugees remain in limbo, with no indication of when they may arrive at their new home. On Thursday, the federal government announced the arrival of about 250 privately sponsored Afghan refugees to Toronto airport. The group includes human … Read more

The influence of the Taliban on Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Iran

Afghans sit as they wait to leave Kabul airport in Kabul on August 16, 2021, following an astonishingly rapid end to Afghanistan’s 20-year war, as thousands of people bullied the city’s airport in an attempt to escape the group’s dreaded Islamist hardline control. Deputy Kohsar | AFP | Getty Images The Taliban’s rapid return to … Read more

Taliban capture Joe Biden

Meet the next member of the United Nations General Assembly: The Islamic Emirate Afghanistan. New York City’s commercial real estate sector will soon show space for the Taliban’s UN delegation. This is how normalcy looks in the world according to Joe Biden. The Taliban, despite their well-deserved reputation for murderous insanity, play Barack Obama’s former … Read more

Afghan refugee families stuck in ‘ghost hotels’

A large number of Afghan refugees are stuck in Canadian hotels – in some cases for several months in a row – where some are unable to send their children to school at all. An ex-military interpreter, who asked not to be identified for fear of the safety of his relatives still in Afghanistan, spoke … Read more