Afghan woman rescued by British baroness waiting to come to Canada

ATHENS, GREECE – Khatera Saeedi has reached the security of Greece, but is still waiting for the clear signal to reach its final destination: Canada. The former journalist now humanitarian worker was one of the nearly 80 women and their families – more than 400 people in total – who fled Afghanistan to Athens with … Read more

Afghan crisis: New immigration route to Canada

TORONTO – The federal government has announced a “new route” for extended family members of Afghan interpreters to arrive in Canada and join them. Under the new program, extended family members of Afghan interpreters will be eligible for immigration to Canada if they: is an Afghan citizen; resides outside Canada at the time of application; … Read more

‘Afghan girl’ from famous front page evacuated to Italy

ROME – National Geographic’s famous green-eyed “Afghan girl” has arrived in Italy as part of the West’s evacuation of Afghans following the Taliban’s takeover of the country, the Italian government said on Thursday. Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office said Italy was organizing the evacuation of Sharbat Gulla after she asked for help to leave the … Read more

Afghanistan rescue: UK baroness rescues female judges

ATHENS, GREECE – One September morning, Baroness Helena Kennedy was at home in north London when she received an urgent call from a female Afghan judge. Kennedy, a prominent human rights lawyer and member of the British House of Lords, was on the run from the judge’s escape along with 25 other of her colleagues … Read more

Afghan girls at increased risk of child marriage: UNICEF

TORONTO – Months after the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15, aid organizations are sounding the alarm that Afghanistan is slipping back into rising poverty and hunger, with young girls allegedly being sold into child marriages so their families can survive. The UN says 22 percent of the 38 million people in Afghanistan are already … Read more

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets Afghan refugee family

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with a family of newly settled Afghan refugees on Saturday, marking the start of Thanksgiving weekend with what he said was an important reminder. Trudeau met Obaidullah Rahimi, who began working at the Canadian embassy in Kabul in 2008 and was hired full-time last year, in a home … Read more

Afghanistan: Secure houses run out of money

TORONTO – Somewhere in Kabul, families in a network of safe houses are running out of time to find a new place to hide, with funds intended to support them dwindling. Among them is a family of seven, including a newborn boy. “We do not know how to do, what to do, how to take … Read more

Afghan refugees say several sudden relocations between hotels in the Toronto area disrupt community relations

TORONTO – Sayed Enaiatullah Najafizada and his wife are frustrated. Afghan refugees face the prospect of being moved between hotels in the Greater Toronto area for the fourth time since arriving in Canada this summer. They are among nearly 400 Afghan refugees being relocated to new temporary housing on Thursday and Friday – from a … Read more

Afghanistan refugees seeking temporary entry into the United States, get approved

LOWELL, MASS. More than 28,000 Afghans have applied for temporary admission to the United States for humanitarian reasons since shortly before the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan and triggered a chaotic US withdrawal, but only about 100 of them have been approved, according to federal officials. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has struggled to keep pace … Read more

The Taliban are sweeping into the Afghan capital after the collapse of the government

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – The Taliban swept into Afghanistan’s capital on Sunday after the government collapsed and the aggrieved president joined an emigration of his fellow citizens and foreigners, signaling the end of a costly two-decade US campaign to rebuild the country. Heavily armed Taliban fighters flew over the capital, and several entered Kabul’s abandoned presidential … Read more