Afghans rely on coal to keep warm while winter cold sets in. | Gallery News

To a Kabul market, coal arrives in tons while the winter cold sets in. Even when prices rise, Afghans have few options other than to burn it for heat, creating some of the world’s most dangerous air. “Pollution causes serious respiratory diseases … All Afghans know what coal does,” customer Amanullah Daudzai, dressed in a … Read more

Afghan girls graduate from Turkish-run schools in Kabul

Afghan girls play in a school in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 18, 2021. WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Sign up KABUL, November 26 (Reuters) – Hundreds of Afghan girls took admission tests for a Turkish foundation in Kabul on Friday, which runs some of Afghanistan’s … Read more

Afghan humanitarian crisis, drug trafficking alarms India, Russia, China

NEW DELHI, November 26 (Reuters) – Foreign ministers of India, Russia and China on Friday expressed concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and the spread of drug trafficking in the country. Afghanistan has been plunged into crisis at the abrupt end of billions of dollars in foreign aid, following the collapse of the … Read more

Pakistan ‘welcomes’ second round of US-Taliban talks in Doha | Taliban news

The Foreign Ministry reiterates the country’s position that the world community should engage with the Taliban government. Pakistan has “welcomed” a second round of talks between the United States and the Taliban since the latter took over Afghanistan earlier this year, a State Department (MoFA) spokesman said. During a weekly press briefing in the capital … Read more

US resumes talks with Taliban in Qatar: Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Taliban news

It will be the second round of talks between the United States and the Taliban in Qatar since the group took over Afghanistan in August. The United States is set to resume talks with the Taliban in Qatar next week, discussing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and steps to ensure that the country does not … Read more

Afghan women speak out against new Taliban media guidelines | Taliban news

Afghan journalists and activists have expressed concern over a new “religious guideline” issued by Taliban rulers, saying the movement is another form of control over women. The Taliban, which took over Afghanistan about 100 days ago, on Sunday urged female journalists to follow a dress code and urged TV stations to stop showing soap operas … Read more

EXCLUSIVE UAE negotiates with Taliban to operate Kabul airport – foreign diplomats

UAE bids compete against Qatar, Turkey – sources Relations between the UAE and Qatar have been strained Kabul airport gives influence in Afghanistan The United Arab Emirates maintained some ties with Taliban sources DUBAI, Nov. 24 (Reuters) – The United Arab Emirates has held talks with the Taliban to operate Kabul airport, heading up against … Read more

“We will not delete them”: Afghanistan’s Taliban soon promise progress in girls’ schooling

KABUL, November 2 (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s Taliban government said it would soon announce good news that older girls will be allowed to return to school, but called on the international community to help fund the process. as most of the external assistance has been stopped. Securing the rights of women and girls has been one … Read more

Russia says it will protect Tajikistan in the event of an invasion of Afghanistan

An aerial photo shows a military parade of Tajik army near the border with Afghanistan in the city of Khorog (Khorugh), Tajikistan September 30, 2021. Press service for the President of Tajikistan / Distribution via REUTERS Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Sign up MOSCOW, October 8 (Reuters) – Russia is ready … Read more

Taliban ban foreign currency use throughout Afghanistan | News

The Taliban says those who continue to trade in foreign currency will be faced with legal action. The Taliban have announced a complete ban on the use of foreign currency in Afghanistan, a move that will certainly cause further disruption to an economy pushed to the brink of collapse by the abrupt withdrawal of international … Read more