Afghanistan is preparing for even greater economic disaster

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan raises new fears for financial experts, who are closely following the country’s already fragile cash-based economy. The Afghan currency, Afghani, has fallen to record lows, according to Bloomberg. Afghan United Bank, which had published regular Afghan exchange rates on Facebook, stopped doing so on Thursday. A day earlier, Ajmal Ahmady, … Read more

Fort Bliss in El Paso can accommodate thousands of Afghan refugees

Sign up for The Brief, our daily newsletter that keeps readers updated on the most important Texas news. WASHINGTON – Fort Bliss in El Paso will be the destination of potentially thousands of Afghan refugees, Pentagon officials said Monday during a news conference to talk about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “As we prepare for … Read more

Afghanistan and the joking questions about guilt

After World War I, a conspiracy theory was dubbed Stick-in-the-back myth-or “being stabbed in the back” – became popular in Germany to explain its historic military defeat. The myth claimed that the war had in fact been lost by weak civilians who had thrown themselves at the enemy, signed a ceasefire and stabbed a brave … Read more