NFL sponsors are being pressured to receive WFT emails

NFL sponsors are being pressured to receive WFT emails

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Last year, pressure from sponsors Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder to give up his all-caps NEVER refused to change the team name. Now, league sponsors are being asked to pressure the NFL to release the emails obtained through the recent workplace survey.

A letter from various former employees of the organization to the executives of Verizon, Anheuser-Busch, Amazon, Pepsi, Nike and Proctor & Gamble urges these companies to demand that the NFL reveal the results of an investigation into “one of the biggest scandals in The #MeToo era. ”

The letter specifically mentions the recent resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who is driven by the release of selected emails from the WFT investigation, as a basis for releasing several of the documents, specifically as it pertains to Snyder.

“We do not understand why the NFL seems willing to protect Dan Snyder and the WFT at all costs,” the letter explains.

“That is why we are calling on you,” the letter continues. ‘Although the NFL has refused to follow the calls for transparency and accountability from former WFT staff, advocacy groups, lawyers or the media, it will have to follow such a call from company sponsors. If the League has shown us anything, it is the money, and only money, that speaks. ”

It actually does. And if the sponsors are motivated to speak out – as they should – it can break the dam at a time when nothing else will.

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