Green Pass, current area asks CSM to initiate urgent proceedings against Judge Angelo Giorgianni

He announced that he was leaving his gown to speak freely. But judge Angelo Giorgianni, councilor of the Messina Court of Appeal, co-author of the controversial book Massacre di Stato. The hidden truths about Covid-19, he may have to continue to answer for his conspiratorial views and against the green passport. Area, the left-wing stream of clothes, asked CSM to launch an urgent case against the judge who spoke from the no-wax stage at last Saturday’s demonstration in Rome, a day that ended with tensions, violence and attacks at CGIL headquarters. The purpose of the practice to be left to the first Commission is to “verify the impact” of Giorgianni’s conduct “on the perception of his independence as a magistrateAs the Toga Council members in the area Giuseppe Cascini, Elisabetta Chinaglia, Alessandra Dal Moro, Mario Suriano and Giovanni Zaccaro write, in a post released after depositing the request for the CSM Presidency Committee.

Giorgianni had explained that he had “resigned from the judiciary, three years before the plan, because I can afford the luxury of doing so and I will not be conditioned at the moment, but I would like to be free to express my views freely“. On stage (ex) toga talked about”eviction notice to those who illegally occupy the buildings of power“Given them” by the Italian people “and want” a trial for them, a new Nuremberg “for” the deaths, deprivation and suffering they caused. As a magistrate – he continued from the stage on Saturday – I have come to honor the sovereign people, and between you and the people I choose the sovereign people and leave the gown “.

Giorgianni had already ended up in the storm as the author of the book “State Massacre. The hidden truths about Covid 19 ”, with a foreword by the magistrate Nicola Gratteri, who had had to distance himself from the content of the pages. Giorgianni does not like the definition no vax: “I am for the freedom to decide whether I want to be vaccinated or not, therefore against the green passport. I have vaccinated before, but not this one. There was too much haste, unjustified by the fact that there is early care, as I have repeatedly reported to the Governor of Sicily Nello Musumeci and the Councilor for Health, Ruggero Razza. At the moment, according to the judge who condemned the violence on Saturday, there is an all-important battle because there are those who want to limit our freedom of thought and impose their own vision. I could not remain a magistrate because I would like to be able to speak freely against this part of the state that wants to impose its ideas on us. I am a person according to my word, I said I would resign, and I did ”.

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