Columbus’ new housing initiative to help Afghan evacuees with housing

Columbus City Council approved the creation of a housing fund this week to facilitate the resettlement process for about 350 Afghan evacuees who fled their homeland earlier this year and are ready to start their new life in the city.

The initiative, called the Afghan Neighbors Rental Assistance Fund, will set aside $ 50,000 to cover rent costs for Afghan families if they default. The goal is to assure landlords that they will get their payments, even in the event that tenants fall behind with the rent, said Councilman Emmanuel Remy, who sponsored the legislation.

Like other refugee groups, all Afghan evacuees are entitled to a one-time federal scholarship of $ 1,225 to cover personal expenses. Part of the money goes to pay their rent before they find a job. Despite federal assistance, however, landlords are sometimes reluctant to rent out to refugees because most newcomers do not have a rental history, credit score or income when they first arrive in the United States, Remy said.

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