EXCLUSIVE Iran resumes fuel exports to neighboring Afghanistan

Traffic jams and crowds are seen near Kabul Airport in Afghanistan 16 August 2021. SATELLITE PICTURE 2021 MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES / Handout via REUTERS. LONDON, Aug. 23 (Reuters) – Iran resumes fuel exports to Afghanistan a few days ago following a request from the new Afghan government, which feels empowered by the US withdrawal to buy … Read more

The Taliban’s promises of tolerance in Afghanistan often do not correspond to reality

Afghan TV anchor Mirwais Haqdost seemed stable, even with seven armed Taliban fighters behind him, as he read out a statement drafted by the group. “The Mujahedin in the Islamic Emirate are trying to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan,” he said, using the Taliban’s favorite name while two warriors watched him closely. “Their only … Read more

Kabul faces blackout as Taliban does not pay electricity suppliers

KABUL — Afghanistan’s capital may be thrown into the dark as winter sets in because the country’s new Taliban rulers have not paid Central Asian electricity suppliers or resumed collecting money from consumers. Unless it is addressed, the situation could cause a humanitarian catastrophe, warned Daud Noorzai, who stepped down as the country’s chief of … Read more

Who are the Taliban leaders now controlling Afghanistan?

In the 1980s, the United States supported a coalition of so-called “mujahideen” militants in their fight against the Soviet occupation. When the Soviet forces withdrew, the country was thrown into a bloody civil war. In 1994, the Taliban emerged among the formally US-backed “mujahideen” fighters and continued to control most of the country in 1996. … Read more

3 shot and killed at wedding reception in Afghanistan over music

Three gunmen claiming to be members of the Taliban shot dead three people while attending a wedding in Afghanistan because music was being played at the front desk, according to a report. A spokesman for the Taliban government said two of the three attackers had been arrested after the incident on Friday, but denied that … Read more

Do not give the Taliban the legitimacy they crave

In 1998, my family decided to leave Afghanistan forever. The Taliban had emerged four years earlier and in 1996 had taken control of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, and imposed an ultra-conservative interpretation of Islamic sharia law. The Taliban regime was known for its cruel corporal punishment, including public executions, repression of religious and free speech, and … Read more

SJSU for honoring the work of Afghan photojournalists with the Hearst Award

Last summer, as thousands fled Afghanistan during the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, photojournalist Massoud Hossaini was detained. In collaboration with Foreign Policy magazine, he documented the chaotic end to the 20-year conflict and how life would be under the Taliban. In an article, he captured images of Afghan women who feared being sold into sex … Read more

The Taliban appoint members as 44 governors, chiefs of police around Afghanistan

A Taliban fighter displays their flag while his comrade watches at a checkpoint in Kabul, Afghanistan on November 5, 2021. REUTERS / Zohra Bensemra KABUL, November 7 (Reuters) – The Taliban appointed 44 of its members to key roles, including provincial governors and police chiefs on Sunday, an important step in strengthening its governance as … Read more

The United States is blocking the Taliban’s access to Afghanistan’s financial reserves

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News The Ministry of Finance is also working to prevent the Taliban from gaining access to special drawing rights, a line of credit used instead of cash, from the International Monetary Fund. Author of the article: Daniel Johnson Release Date: August 19, 2021 • August 19, 2021 • 2 minutes reading … Read more