At least 15 wounded after mosque bombing in Afghanistan

At least 15 people were injured after a bomb exploded at one the mosque in eastern Afghanistan during Friday prayers, the Taliban said.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a mosque, killing at least 30 people.

It was not immediately clear if the mosque had suffered any deaths, and no group immediately took responsibility for the bombing.

Unlike previous attacks on Afghan mosques last month, this mosque was attended by Sunni Muslims. The AP noted that the area had been bound by attacks carried out between the Taliban and ISIS-K, the ISIS-affiliated company operating in Afghanistan.

The attacks come amid tumult in Afghanistan after the US withdrew its troops towards the end of August. The country has seen a number of deadly attacks and suicide bombings, especially in the month of October, when several mosques are facing attacks during Friday prayers.

A suicide bomber at a mosque in Kunduz, Afghanistan, left more than 40 people dead, while a suicide bombing a week later at a mosque in southern Afghanistan killed 47 people.

In each scenario, ISIS-K, which considers the Taliban to be their enemy, assumed responsibility.

A spokesman for the Taliban intelligence service said earlier this week that nearly 600 members of Islamic State had been arrested by his agency and that at least 33 had been killed by the Taliban.

President BidenJoe BidenUS bishops must weigh whether Biden should receive communion, the barrels of Congress towards the end of the year. and his team have been criticized for the United States’ chaotic withdrawal from the country, including complaints about leaving some Americans and Afghans to clear Afghanistan ahead of the administration’s self-imposed deadline.

Biden and others, however, have argued that no time would have made a difference to remedy the problems that exist in the country.


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