Afghan official says women can continue to play cricket

Mirwais Ashraf, the newly appointed chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), said Afghan female cricketers can continue to play the game, the ACB said.

In an initial meeting with the ACB’s department heads, Ashraf said that women’s cricket is one of the most important requirements of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and they are committed to achieving that.

“Our girls want to play cricket on a regular basis and we are looking to take care of their basic needs and all the facilities they need,” he said. He said the ICC requirements are valued by the ACB.

Recent changes in the ACB’s leadership were met with criticism from the ICC, and the body said it has formed a group to assess the status of cricket in Afghanistan.

Ashraf said they will work to resolve the issue. “Every employee must remain committed to the ACB and must strive hard to do well in their own areas,” he said.

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