Afghan families in the Midlands fear for those left in Afghanistan

Two families say their relatives in Afghanistan are in hiding and are looking for ways to leave the county.

COLUMBIA, SC – Afghan natives living in the Midlands are praying for the safety of their loved ones who are still in Afghanistan.

Every day, Abbas Sharafoddin says he calls his sisters, who are hiding in Kabul, Afghanistan, from his apartment in Columbia.

He says: “My three sisters are in Afghanistan, the situation is very bad.”

“When they called us last night they said to me and my brother, can you help me leave Afghanistan?”

Abbas and six family members arrived in America in June, but his three sisters remained. Abbas says: “They want to leave Afghanistan, but they can not.”

He says his concern is growing with each passing day as the Taliban gain more control.

“Now we are worried about what will happen to the Afghan people living in Afghanistan because we can not say that the future will be good because we saw the Taliban in the past.”

Rebels stormed the country and captured all major cities in a matter of days, two weeks before all U.S. troops were to return home.

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Aman Aziz says only he and his mother have been in America since 2002 when they came here to seek asylum.

This week, he received news of some of his family members. “Two of my cousins, they’re already killed.” His cousins, he says, were killed by the Taliban.

“My family is all there – my cousins, nephews, other friends and close relatives. They are hiding right now,” says Aziz.

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Aziz says he was devastated the moment he saw images of the Taliban sweeping through the Afghan capital. “All the work they’ve done for the last 20 years, it just went in the sink.”

As for Abbas and his family here in Columbia, he will only see his sisters again and say, “We want them to try to bring peace to Afghanistan and save Afghanistan.”

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