A new home in Massachusetts: After 3 months in an army base, the Zarifi family arrives and joins other Afghan refugees on a waiting list to find housing

Nejahbat family

The three sons Sadatullah, 11, Matiullah, 7 and Ebadullah Zarifi, 8, look out of the taxi window before leaving for the hotel from the airport. (Douglas Hook / MassLive)

As they head out into the cold November air of the evening, Nejabat and his wife Nasima Zarifi and their four children look around the airport arrival lounge, expectantly waiting for someone to guide them to their new home.

Shortly after the flight at 21.17 from New Mexico, with a stopover in Dallas, case specialist Mustafa Gulzad, who is at the International Institute of New England (IINE), goes over to the father of four, 51-year-old Nejabat Zarifi to greet him. Holding his right hand over his heart he says, “salem a lakem,” then he gives the hand. Gulzad then guides the family to pick up luggage to grab the few that the Zarifi have brought.

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